Remote Sensing of Water Cycle and Hydrometeorology (RSWatCH) Group


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Our research interests include:

  • Multi-sensor multi-spectral remote sensing of precipitation
  • High latitude/cold region/mountainous rain and snow retrievals and analysis
  • Weather and climate extremes (extreme precipitation, drought , heatwaves) and societal impact
  • Global water and energy budget analysis
  • Hydrologic/watershed modeling and optimization
  • Developing precipitation products for hydrological applications.
  • Using advanced satellite and in-situ data to improve quantification of hydrologic variables
  • Representation of precipitation in climate models
  • Land-atmosphere interaction
  • Using GRACE for hydrometeorology
  • Ecohydrology and ecosystem response under water stress
  • Precipitation and ground water recharge 
  • Machine Learning
  • Applied sciences



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